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Wild Turkey hen
Wild Turkey hen. Photo © Linda Lombardo/Dreamstime.com.

My nephew and I were in the field behind our old house, when suddenly he pointed up the field and asked, “What’s that?”

I looked in the direction he was pointing and saw what looked like a female turkey. As it got closer, I could tell it was just that. I told my nephew and he said, “I’ll call her Turkina!”

I told him it was a good name.

We went back to the house and found an old pie pan. We filled it with some bird food and set it out on the porch. We went back into the house and watched out a window. The turkey was coming into the yard!

She headed straight to the porch, looked around, then started to eat. Mother came and watched through the window with us.

Soon Turkina was done. She hopped off the porch and went back through the yard and out into the field again. We were all pleased by this unusual visit.

Several times after that Turkina came to the yard to eat. Once my mother went out and startled her. When she started to leave, Mother called to the turkey and told her to come back, not to be afraid…and she did return!

Turkina visited us for a few more days; then she did not return. My nephew and I tried to find her, taking walks (which we did already), but we never saw her again.

We will never know what became of Turkina, but it was fun to us that a Wild Turkey would trust us and come get food from our porch.

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